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RE: Building Update



Dear Trinity Family,

The grace, peace, mercy, and love of God be with you! Even though we continue to face challenging days, we do so in the confidence of God’s generous provision and compassionate presence. Trinity has much for which to be grateful.

In late summer, council contracted with the architectural firm, Newcomer & Associates, to prepare detailed concept sketches and 3-dimensional, computer renderings of changes to Trinity’s physical space, which reflect ministry priorities identified during consultations conducted over the past few years, and with reference to opportunities and challenges afforded by our particular location. Council will present those drawings, along with an estimate of budget and strategy for implementation, at three congregational forums held over the next month and-a-half.

Please mark your calendar and plan to attend one of the following presentations, either in-person or online (see the Zoom link and phone details on the back): Sunday, November 22 (after the 10:00 worship service); Sunday, December 6 (after the 10:00 worship service); Wednesday, December 16 (at 6:30p.m.). Each presentation will be in the sanctuary and will cover the same material; three opportunities are made available so that church members can find one that fits their calendar. At least one of our architects will be at the forum on November 22nd (subsequent presentations will be handled by the council). For those who wish to attend the forum on December 16 in-person, please register specifically for it on Trinity’s website  

or by calling the office; for the other forums, please simply register for the 10:00 service that day, as usual.

 The forums are designed to give members the chance to see and conceptualize possibilities for additions and renovations; hear council’s proposal for how to make them a reality, at what cost and along what timeline; ask questions and voice suggestions for alterations to council’s proposal; and reflect upon personal commitment to the project. After these forums are finished, council has digested the feedback from them and shared it with the architects, council will make a formal recommendation toward the adoption of a finalized master plan at Trinity’s annual meeting in January.

Constitutionally, investments in real estate of any kind that might require the church to go into debt can only be made by congregational vote. That is why it is important for the widest possible number of church members to participate in the finalizing of plans relating to Trinity’s building: ultimately, they can only be adopted and implemented if the church at large is committed to them. Please plan to attend one of the forums, ask questions as needed, and take time over the next couple of months to pray about God’s direction for Trinity’s physical space and your investment in it.


The Lord Bless and Keep You,

Pastor Aaron

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