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  1. Pastor Aaron

    Thanks for the comment, Anne! You put it nicely: “God’s judgement is already here and has been here all along – what is needed is our response.” The end has already broken in to the world in Christ Jesus; in him, God has finally and decisively rendered judgement against sin and every force of evil. In doing this, God has freed us from every form of wickedness that otherwise claims our hearts, minds, and bodies. God has truly ushered in a new world. What has yet to happen is our unreserved participation in that new way of existing, our glad receipt of new life.. We live in-between the time of sin and resurrection, always moving toward it, seeing it by faith and giving ourselves to it, if often falteringly. The end is not a day to come but the consummation of a day that has already come – not by our doing, but by the Spirit of God’s doing, living and working within us.


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