“Honor the Lord with your substance [wealth, property, possessions]
and with the first fruits of your produce [labor, income].”
~ Proverbs 3:9 ~

 We are blessed!  We each have adequate Food – we have not experienced starvation; Clothing – we have more than one outfit and are not at risk of becoming naked; and Shelter – a place of comfort sheltered from the cold and elements of rain, ice, sleet, snow, and wind. Many peoples of the world do not enjoy these necessities of life.  We are blessed!

The year’s stewardship theme is “Changed Lives…Changing Lives.”  Each Sunday  we are hearing from members of Trinity how God is at work in their lives, with changes made in the past and hopes for changes for the future, both individually and as a congregation.  Changed Lives…Changing Lives.

At worship on April 9 & 10, we will ask for the return of the enclosed Estimate of Financial Giving and Giving of Time & Talents form  during the Offertory.  If you are unable to attend worship that weekend, please return the enclosed form to the church office or drop in the offering plate at a worship service prior to April 9 & 10.


To download the Estimate of Giving Card:

To download a Time & Talent Sheet: