“Growing in God”


Mission Statement:
“Seed – Planting and Growing in our Faith
Sow – Sharing the word of God with our community
Steward – Entrusting God to our care
Service – Showing the love of God with our community”



What to Expect

During the time of opening worship announcements, one of the pastors will bring greetings in Christian hospitality. Trinity has “Welcome Pads” positioned in every seating area for our honored guests (and members) to their visit information (and personal concerns). Please help us by filling out a visitor card, or sign the Guest Register in the Narthex of the church, that we might properly acknowledge your worship with us. Before worship begins there is a dedicated time of greeting for those gathered for community and worship.

Worship Schedule

SATURDAY 4:00 pm
Weekly Worship in Chapel, Holy Communion

SUNDAY 9:00 am
in the main Sanctuary
Traditional worship with Communion

Office Hours

Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 3:00 pm



What’s Happening at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

Faith Formation

The activities presented here are designed to help families find ways to enrich their faith, to nurture spiritual growth, and to find opportunities for service.


For those who may be led to add your personal prayers and financial resources to Trinity’s Gospel ministries.

Community Ministry

Find out ways you can get involved and help your local community.

Children’s Ministry

We have lots of programs available to get your children involved in church.

Youth Ministry

Beginning in the fifth grade, the youth of Trinity embark upon their catechetical studies.

Adult Ministry

We have programs to get everyone involved including adults.


Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
431 Philadelphia Avenue
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania 17201

(717) 263-8156

Worship Schedule
Saturday 4:00 pm
Weekly Worship in the Chapel, Holy Communion

Sunday 9:00 am
Traditional worship with Communion in the main Sanctuary

Office Hours
Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm